Source of the Nile Adventure Tour

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$100 Per Person

Jinja is known as the adventure Capital of Uganda with a variety of different adrenaline filled activities to choose from. One of the most amazing experiences you can have is rafting grade 5 rapids on The River Nile!

Adventure activities and rates

Activity                              Rate

Water rafting                   $

Bungee jumping               $

Quad Bike rides.              $

Horse riding                    $


7:00am : Leave Kampala for Jinja after early breakfast.

The sleepy town of Jinja lies 80 km East of Kampala situated on the bank of the River Nile the longest River in the world at the very point where the Nile begins its journey to the Mediterranean Sea from Uganda, crossing into Sudan and out of Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea.  The drive from Kampala City turns into scenic landscapes, by passing coffee, Tea and Sugar plantations. There are roadside markets and kiosks displaying juicy tropical fruits and vegetables which add colour to the landscape. A brief stop at the Mabira Forest reserve whose canopies form a lush green gateway into Jinja. Tourists learn about the forest animals and plants of Uganda. The 306km² of forest is home to primates, birds and butterflies.

9:00-10:00 am : Arrival Jinja. The entry to into Jinja town is over the Owen falls bridge across the River Nile. Then a left turn and 10 minutes to the source of the Nile where tourists can have a relaxing early picnic lunch by the river, watching the beginning of the Nile's historic journey into the Mediterranean Sea.

10:00am : take part in one of the following adventure activities;

  • Water rafting 

  • Bungee jumping 

  • Quad Bike rides through nearby villages.

  • Horse riding

4:00pm : Leave Jinja for Kampala

6:00 - 7:00pm : Arrive back to Kampala