Curried lentils x sweet potatoes/rice

Ugandan vegetables


Mixed vegetables

stew x rice/potatoes


Spicy macaroni and vegetables

Bean stew x  vegetarian Rice Pilau

   Ugandan vegetables

Macaroni cheese x garden peas


  Salad of couscous, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes  and mozzarella


Cassava cheese bake and spicy bean stew


Garden peas stew x sweet potatoes /rice


Roast  chicken/pork x roast potatoes /rice Mixed roasted vegetables

Steak of fillet Beef  x rice /  grilled potatoes  baby carrots


Whole Tilapia  Fish  x  chips Ugandan vegetables


Baked chicken thighs x potatoes /rice courgettes


Korma curried chicken x chapatti / rice fresh beans


Caribbean style curried goat x rice with peas buttered cabbage


Meat balls x Spaghetti /rice with beans stew

Sweet Home Away


Freshly Home Cooked