5 days 4 nights Kidepo Valley Game Park and Sippi falls


Kidepo valley game park is in Karamoja, 580km from Kampala. It is to the farthest Northern part of Uganda, nestled in the rugged, semi-arid valleys between the border of Southern Sudan and Kenya. Karamoja is home of the semi nomadic and somewhat wild Karimojong tribal people, kin to the Masai of Kenya. Traditionally the Karimojong are cattle keepers who migrated seasonally is search of water and grazing grass for their cattle due to the very dry and hot climate. The main activities of the Karimojong was rustling cattle from neighboring tribes. Recently there has been a government agenda to try to settle the Karimojong by disarming them and then teaching them to cultivate crops.

Kidepo valley Game Park is transected by the Narus and Kidepo Rivers. The park hosts a profusion of big game, with over 80 species of mammal, including lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, and various antelope species.   A staggering 28 species of mammal found in Kidepo cannot be found in any other national park in Uganda: including the zebras, cheetahs, striped hyenas, aardwolfs, jackels and kudu and the only habitat of the Ugandan ostrich. With a total of more than 475 different bird species, Kidepo is also considered outstanding for birds of prey and 58 different species have been recorded here.

Your trip to Kidepo Valley is quite a long one and the scenery is quite different from the forested and lush savannah landscapes of the other game parks. The landscape towards Kidepo changes from savannah to picturesque mountain range along the Sudan boarder and of rolling hills and valleys. The common vegetation is the Borassus Palm. Wildlife congregates in the valleys where they can find permanent source of water supply, which is difficult to come by in the hot and arid surrounding. The Kidepo River dries out during the dry season and tourist are able to walk across the dry River bed. Only the Narus River has permanent water supply. 11km north of Kidepo is found the Kanangarok hot springs – a fabulous place to look out for ostriches and to admire the mountains beyond the frontier.


Day 1

6:00am : Depart from Kampala to the Northern Uganda town of Kitgum.

2:00pm : Arrive at Kitgum town, have lunch and Spend the night.


Day 2

6:00am : Early morning breakfast.


7:00am : Drive to Kidepo valley 150km away.


10:00am : Arrive at Kidepo National Park.


10: 30am : Go for a mid-morning game drive.

12:00pm : Return to the lodge for lunch

1:00pm : set off for a cultural walk to the Karmojong at Kapedo and Karema. You will interact and learn about their unique culture and way of life which is amazing.


6:00pm : Retire to your accommodation for the evening and night. Your accommodation overlooks the valley. You are at the very end of the earth. Time has stood still. All is quiet and serene. Only the sounds of birds, the vultures as they encircle, spying for the spoils. The horizon is the views of the mountain range. The night sky if full of starry twinkles. Alone with the animals, so many animals, different animals, grazing down below in the valley!


Day 3

 6:00am : Early morning breakfast at the lodges

6:30am : Your guide will take you for another day of game drive. There is no other game park in Uganda that rivals Kidepo in game drives. You will be able to view all the animals except hippopotamus and crocodiles.

Day 4 : Journey to Siipi falls.

6:00am : Early morning breakfast at Kidepo lodges.

07:00am : Start your journey towards Siipi Falls. This will be a long day of driving though there are some stunning scenery as you drive through Karamoja and the Pian Upe Game Reserve.  Lunch will be a packed lunch from Kidepo Savannah Lodge.

17:00     Arrive at the luxurious Siipi River Lodge, which offers fantastic views of the falls from the veranda.  Accommodation provided in twin rooms with shared bathroom (upgrades to en suite bandas available on request, subject to availability).  Dinner will be enjoyed at the lodge restaurant.

Day 5 : Visit to Siipi falls

Sipi Falls is a series waterfall in eastern Uganda, situated near the Kenyan border, on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park – the largest volcanic base in the world. Hikes around the falls overlooks lovely views of the slopes of Mount Elgon and also of the Karamoja plains and over to Lake Kyoga. The Siipi area is also famous for the locally grown Arabica coffee which only grows at an altitude of between 1600m and 1900m.  Arriving from the heat of Kidepo, the Sipi falls is a welcome cool breeze and greenery.

6:00am :Early morning breakfast at Sipi Fall lodge restaurant.


7:00am : to explore the three main waterfalls of the Sipi River, which flows through lush farms and forests of the local communities.

11:00am:  Take a short hike around each of the falls for optimum viewing.

1:00pm : Travel back to Kampala